MFM: Week 36, Day 4

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Week 36, Day 4

Heart: I’m getting ready for Baby girl’s first birthday party… are you kidding me?! She started walking this week and hasn’t slowed down since! I can’t believe my baby is getting so big! For her birthday, I decided to do a fairly simple cake in the shape of a ‘1’ and just put colored sugar on top with an ombre effect. A few days ago, I prepared the colored sugar and it came out absolutely beautiful! I made 6 variations of pink. Beginning with white (I left one jar uncolored) I then added one drop of pink food coloring to one jar, 2 to the next and so on until I added 5 drops to the last jar making it the darkest pink. I then placed them in separate foil ‘boats’ on a cookie sheet and let them dry out in the oven. I set the oven to 350°F and when it was hot, placed the cookie sheet into the oven and turned the oven off. After 10 minutes, I took them out and let them cool. Then I sealed them in containers until I’m ready to make the cake! My plan for the cake is to frost it, then make 6 ‘stripes’ using only half of each color and leaving a gap between (about an inch and a half). Then I will take half of the remaining sugar from two adjacent colors and mix it, placing it between the two colors to provide a nice transition from one to the next. This should result in a beautiful pink ombre cake. *Fingers crossed*

A note about the sugar: it does not come out of the oven ‘glittery’ by any means, but it has a slight glimmer to it. It’s really quite beautiful!

Soul: What is the purpose of a church building? Sometimes it seems like maybe the purpose of the church building is to provide a place for Christians to gather, fellowship, worship and learn about the kingdom of God. Then we can leave the church building, go out into our lives and live the love of Christ so that others might see it and want to know Him. But the building itself isn’t necessarily the place that a non-Christian would just decide to encounter God, right? It’s more for the Christians to get their stuff figured out so we can go out into the world… right? Or should the church, even within the building, be a beacon to those who don’t know Jesus? Should it be a place that even those who don’t know Jesus desire to be? Should we design our services, activities, even children’s ministry to attract unbelievers, even if it means sacrificing some of our personal comforts? I don’t know, this is something my husband and I have been talking about recently and we’re both in a place of… “hmmm?” I wonder if the church building serves the kingdom of God better as a welcome mat for unbelievers or a command center for believers from which to “Go into the world…”

Strength: My husband has been training for an Ironman Race and this morning was feeling a little discouraged because, though he had a decent day, it wasn’t fabulous. He had expected his swim time to improve and it stayed relatively constant. I began typing out a text to him to give him some encouragement, “You don’t have to progress every day, some days it’s ok to maintain.” As I finished typing it, I realized how much I needed to hear those very same words. I was convicted that if I truly believe that for my husband, I need to believe it for me, too. Not every day has to be marked by a new success, a faster time, or weight loss. Some days can be marked by maintaining the success you had yesterday, by continuing the effort you’ve already put in and by holding your ground.


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