MFM: Week 37, Day 1

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Week 37, Day 1 (-9 pounds)

Heart: Baby girl’s cake turned out fairly cute! Especially, the ombre colored sugar, that turned out beautifully! And I made it super easy by leaving the colored sugar surrounding the cake, rather than try to clean that mess off of the serving plate. Fortunately, at one she didn’t care. It also must’ve tasted decent because there was not so much as a crumble of cake left… that has never happened before! I had people coming back for second and even third pieces!

Using the colored sugar was so fun and easy that I’m trying to convince one of the boys to have a sand castle cake. Can you just imagine a brown sugar topping for the sand?! How cute would that be?! It reminds me of the construction cake we made for Banayner’s birthday a couple of years ago… so fun and the easiest cake ever!!

Soul: I was spending time with Jesus this morning and started thinking back to this week. I’ve had a very insecure week. There has been a lot of doubt and fear in me. Especially when it comes to my body. I was thinking back on the various things I’ve posted on my blog and realized that it is a smorgasbord of different ideas and efforts. It’s like I keep trying something new hoping it will overcome the fear and doubt. This morning God revealed to me that the fear isn’t going anywhere. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, satan will continue trying to put fear in me. There isn’t enough exercise, eating right, or losing weight to eliminate satan’s efforts. What will hold him off is being confident in who I am and unleashing the power of the Spirit within me. Satan will never stop trying to fill me with doubt and fear, but I can choose to call on the name of Jesus to remind me of exactly who I am and He will give me the strength and confidence to choose not to listen to that voice.

Strength: In all of the new things I continue to try, I’m learning a lot of things about myself. I have learned that routine is crucial for me. I have learned that I have to log my food to have a true understanding of what I’m putting in my body. I have learned that in order to exercise, it needs to be something I can do from memory (exercises I know like the back of my hand) or it has to be something that I love doing. Recently, my husband suggested that maybe to discover the exercises I might really enjoy, I should think back to the things I loved as a child! He’s cycling, running and swimming… all things he loved to do as a kid.  I immediately thought of dancing. I love to dance! Every time I go dancing I think to myself, “I could spend hours doing this!” I danced all the time as a little girl! Why in the world haven’t I considered dancing as a form of exercise?! Because I feel like exercise has to be painful? Because I’ve spent so long telling myself I don’t like exercise? Because I’m just not ‘one of those types of people’? Rubbish! I want to find exercises I enjoy! I want to do it because it sounds fun! I want to dance!!


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