MFM: Week 37, Day 4

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Week 37, Day 4 (-10 pounds)

Heart: Well, I no longer have a baby. My sweet Baby girl turned one yesterday and entered the world of toddler-hood! We finished her birthday present, a busy board, and she loves it!! She and the boys haven’t stopped playing with it since we gave it to her. Well, aside from nap time when Momma tells them they can’t make noise. Turns out this super awesome gift is also extremely loud!

The board is made up of a 24”x48” board we cut into the main board (24”x36”) and two leg pieces. I then sanded and stained everything. One side of the board is personalized with Baby girl’s name painted at the top and a big mirror (20”x24”). The other side has all kinds of things to tinker with: a belt, quick release snap, seat belt, door stopper, bell, handle with rings, wheel, deadbolt, zipper, door knocker, light switch, rings for lacing ribbon, door knob, Velcro, and a chain latch. Most of the items were pretty straightforward to put on the board, but there were a few that made me realize how very much I appreciate my husband!

This was another homemade gift in my year of doing mostly homemade gifts and it was an utter success! I can’t wait to open up my Excel spreadsheet to update and start planning the next gift! Yes, I’m a nerd and proud of it!

Soul: In Acts this morning I was reading about the requirements of those who become Christians. In this particular passage, there were many who thought that Gentile converts (non-Jewish) needed to be circumcised to truly follow Christ. Paul “disagreed vehemently,” as my translation put it, and went to the elders of the church to help make a decision about it. Ultimately, they decided that if God had chosen to give His Spirit to the Gentiles, they shouldn’t make it any harder for Gentiles to follow Christ and determined circumcision a nonissue. It got me thinking about things that we make issues out of that God might consider nonissues. When it came to circumcision, He poured out His Spirit regardless, because it’s not the law that saves us, but the grace of Jesus. I wonder what rules we have for non-Christians that we think they need to follow to be ‘real’ Christians. Things that God would look at us and say, “Are you really making it harder for them to enter into a relationship with me? Because of something so trivial?” The grace of Jesus was poured out for everyone! Maybe we would do better to follow Peter’s example and make it as simple as possible for people to encounter Jesus. Maybe we should let the Holy Spirit do His work in the lives of those who have changes to make. Maybe we just need to love people the way Jesus loves us… completely, unconditionally, and selflessly.

Strength: I encountered the phrase “insulin resistance” this week as I was surfing the internet. I was incredibly intrigued and began researching it, its causes, symptoms, etc. As I was reading about it I kept thinking, “This is exactly what my Dr. has mentioned, but without naming it.” My Dr. has told me for years that my body doesn’t process carbohydrates well. In truth, I’ve noticed the most significant weight loss when I cut carbs. However, up to this point, I’ve only ever cut carbs for the purpose of weight loss. As I was researching this time, I began thinking in terms of how my body processes food. Maybe, if my body doesn’t process carbohydrates well, I shouldn’t eat them. Not because I might lose weight, but because my body may actually begin to function properly without them.  So, I’m trying a new way of eating, not a diet, because in my mind that implies temporary and I fully intend for this to be my new normal. If my body doesn’t process grain well, it isn’t going to process it well in a year, or in ten years. It just may be that for my body to function as it was designed to function, I need to avoid grain. In fact, I’m avoiding grains, potatoes, and sugars right now to see how it affects me. I still get some carbs from fruit and such, but my focus for now is on eating more protein.

Day 2 of this new way of eating and I love it! I thought my children were going to be a hard sell, but they cleaned their dinner plates both nights. In fact, last night Bubby even said, “Mom, this is the best dinner ever!” They’re not eating exactly like I am, they still have potatoes and a few grains, but they’re definitely eating more veggies! We’ve tried roasting broccoli, carrots and cauliflower and the kids loved them all! It’s also been helpful that I haven’t been eating ‘meals’ per se, but more or less just getting a small something to eat whenever I feel hungry. A hard-boiled egg, carrot sticks, an apple with peanut butter, etc. We’ll see how this goes, but for now I feel good!


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