MFM: Week 37, Day 5

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Week 37, Day 5

Heart: I’ve blogged about some really challenging times with Banayner. I’ve also mentioned how much better it’s gotten over the past several months. Well, this week I had a conference with his teacher at school. Let me just say, I am one proud Momma! She went over his strengths and weaknesses and then she spent several minutes talking about how much of a change she’s seen in his effort. He went from being perfectly content with the bare minimum to excited to challenge himself and complete the ‘above and beyond’ assignments. She talked about how much she appreciates his attitude toward learning. If he’s struggling with something, he isn’t afraid to ask for help and, better yet, he’s open to guidance and critique for the sake of getting better! I can’t think of anything that could have made me more proud!

I was the type of student that put my gpa above learning. I didn’t care if I learned anything as long as I got an A. As I went to college and became a teacher I realized how wrong that kind of thinking is. It has never been my dream for my children to graduate as valedictorians, especially if it means sacrificing their education in the process. I will always encourage them to work harder, take challenging courses, and push themselves just a little beyond what they think they can accomplish, even if it means earning a B in the process. I want them to be great thinkers with a love of learning and a passion for being challenged! It was the most precious gift to listen to Banayner’s teacher tell me that he is that kind of learner!

Soul: Today I met Barnabas. Not physically, but I spent some time looking at who he was. His name is familiar, but beyond that I knew very little about the man. He may not have written letters that became books of the Bible, his testimony may not have been as shocking as Paul’s, in fact I’ve never really heard anything really exceptional about Barnabas. But as I was reading about him today, I was absolutely floored. What an incredible man of God! When all of the other believers were afraid of Paul, he spoke on Paul’s behalf. He and Paul were selected by the Holy Spirit to take the first missionary journey. It seems like anytime there was a need of someone to go check in on a group of people or travel for some reason, he was willing to go! He was loyal, standing by his cousin Mark when Paul felt called in a different direction. He was human, misled by the lies of some of the leaders, but he had a good heart. He was a man full of the Holy Spirit! I had such a fun time learning about this man I never knew, discovering that maybe some of the most influential people in sharing the love of Christ were relatively ‘unexceptional’. It gives me hope and encouragement that in my little unexceptional, normal life, I can show people the love of Christ, too.

Strength: A few posts ago I mentioned that my husband and I were thinking that maybe we had food mostly figured out? I mean, we were eating healthier than ever and watching our portions. I had carefully calculated the calorie requirements for my body, compared them to the number burned and adjusted to account for weight loss. I was frustrated because it wasn’t adding up… I knew the numbers were right! But what if it boils down to a lot more than just the numbers? What if the type of food I’m putting into my body is as important (or more) than the amount? And I don’t just mean ‘healthy’ food, I mean specific to the needs of my body. What if I’m eating the right amount, but the food I’m eating is causing my body to malfunction? No amount of calculation will account for a malfunctioning body!

Before I worry about exactly how much I’m eating, maybe I need to give my body the foods that it needs to function properly and heal itself from insulin resistance. Maybe then I can worry about how much I’m eating. Or maybe, if I genuinely listen to my body and do what it needs, I won’t really have to worry about the amount because I’ll eat when I need it and I won’t when I don’t. What an idea… letting my body be the guide!


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