MFM: week 38, Day 1

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Week 38, Day 1 (-11 pounds)

Heart: I can’t believe it’s already April! A new month once again means new changes! Our financial change this month is no eating out. We are going to plan ahead when necessary to avoid having to eat out. The one exception is a date that Tim and I have been looking forward to for several months! We decided to allow that as an exception since we’ve had it in the works for so long. But, aside from that preplanned date, we will not be doing any “let’s just stop by (insert fast food restaurant here) and grab something quick” or any “should we just keep it easy and order (pizza, sandwiches, chinese) for dinner?” This was one of my changes last year and it was amazing to learn how much we can unknowingly spend in one month on last-minute trips to eat out. It should work well alongside my new eating plan, too!

Soul: My spiritual change this month is to talk less. When I mentioned it the other day my husband literally laughed out loud! Apparently, it’s something I really need to work on… The idea isn’t to be silent all month or anything like that, but rather, to intentionally focus on listening. Sometimes during a conversation, I get so focused on what I’m going to say next that I miss out on the vast majority of what other people are saying… it’s quite selfish and rude. So, this month I’m going to work on truly listening to what others are saying. It may result in less witty comments or awesome puns, but it may also result in me asking more questions and genuinely learning a lot about the people in my life! I’m excited… even though, as my husband would surely tell you, it will be incredibly difficult for me.

Strength: My physical change for the month of April is to stretch every morning. This should be a relatively easy change to make as I decided to swap out my usual exercises for yoga stretches this month. It will allow me to continue with my routine, without adding anything additional to my schedule. When the end of the month comes, I can determine whether I want to go back to my exercises, stick with yoga or do some sort of combination.

I’m almost a week into this new eating plan (whole foods, no grains, no potatoes, and no sugars) and it’s still going really well! I’ve noticed that it’s critically important for me to have quick, easy, high protein snacks handy (hard-boiled eggs, almonds, fresh fruit and veggies). But as long as I have access to healthy snacks, I’m finding it relatively easy to adapt. I encountered one situation where I had to plan ahead to accommodate. They served pizza at youth group and I opted to prep and take my own dinner (a mayo-less tuna in an avocado bowl). With a little bit of forethought, it was easy peasy, not to mention absolutely delicious! In fact, others were far more jealous of my dinner than I was of theirs!


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