MFM: Week 43, Day 4

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Week 43, Day 4 (-20 pounds)

Heart: Oh my word, since starting this new ‘3 things per day’ with the kiddos to encourage productivity, creativity and reading, I haven’t had time to write! It’s a fabulous, crazy, productive whirlwind around here and I love it! Well, minus the whole not having time to write thing! Bubby, who’s 3, has been practicing his reading (he retells stories he knows), writing his letters, and doing all kinds of various creative activities! He absolutely loves it! Plus, this morning he was joyfully begging to help with the dishes as he tried to figure out a good ‘chore’ for the day! Baby girl has even joined in on the fun as she’s starting to learn to put away toys as she takes them out. Which makes my heart happy since the toys she most loves to spread around the kitchen are the myriad of plastic plates, bowls, and cups from the ‘kid drawer’. It’s been so great and I can’t wait for Banayner to be home for the summer so he can join in on the fun, too! We’re going to go ahead and chalk this one up as a Momma win!

Soul: Well, the house we were trying to sell finally sold! Praise the Lord! I realized that we bought the house around the same time of year several years back, so I looked up the info from when we bought it. It turned out we signed and the house closed exactly ten years from the day it closed when we bought it! And for the exact same amount! How crazy is that?! Crazy enough to know that God has a fabulous sense of humor! Here I sit as He reminds me again of just how faithful He is!

Strength: I got on the scale today and saw 20 pounds… 20 pounds! That is so exciting! But what’s more exciting is how much I love the way I’m eating!!! I never thought I could enjoy eating like this, but I genuinely do! My husband had an onion bagel last week that smelled unbelievable, so I went ahead and tried a bite… and to be honest, it was pretty dry! Not gross, but certainly didn’t live up to my expectations, which just settled my resolve even more. I like the way I’m eating, I love the way I feel, and that is reason enough to keep it up. But then I got on the scale and I was reminded that, in addition to feeling great, my body is beginning to function properly and getting back to where it’s supposed to be! It’s amazing how much more motivating weight loss is when it’s accompanied by a genuine change in your body and not just a lack of calories!


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